Rules of the game
Minimum system requirements
License info
The concept of the game is pretty easy.... The balls go back and forth. They roll, as soon as they hit the wall, they'll turn 180 degrees and go back until they hit a wall.

Now that's no fun now, is it? Therefore you can place plates in the puzzle. They change the direction of the balls.

The picture below shows how the balls direction is changed by a plate

The number of plates you can put into a puzzle is limited, so check your limits before you start puzzle it all out. You can also remove plates by selecting the empty tool in the tool menu. Some puzzles allow placing walls, but that's a rarity.
Now you can do something with the balls. What you got to do depends on the task the puzzle gives you. What tasks are there?

Of course, in the starting puzzles, the puzzles are designed that way that you'll always come through without getting one ball destroyed. But as you can guess when you get the the harder puzzles, this will no longer be so. There are several things that can destroy a ball. Let's discuss some.

With all this you should now be able to play.

Good luck.