Rules of the game
Minimum system requirements
License info
The game is pretty demanding, below is only of overview on the computers I tested this game on.
Right now the game has only been tried in Windows Vista.
Tested on:
1GB RAM, 1.80GHz, 32Bit OS, Widows Vista 6.0.6000

Minimum requirents:
Windows 2000 or later
DirectX 7 or later

Basically you need an Intel based Mac in order to run BallPlay Genius. (I no longer own the stuff to bring you a PPC build myself, but if somebody else can make you one).

The true MacOS X release will be for Intel based Macs, runnning Leopard. 2,66 GHz, 4 GB RAM is what the game's tested on.

Minimum requirements (taking PPC and Intel all together):
Mac OSX 10.3.9 or later
OpenGL 1.1 or later

The source code should be Linux compatible, but since I never got Linux running good, I couldn't compile it yet, once I can get you a Linux version I'll fill out this section

Minimum requirements:
Minimal Linux version unknown (as that can be distro-dependant)
OpenGL 1.1 or later

Note:There will only be a Linux build for x86 based machines!

Examples of directory usage by BallPlay Genius. Of course this may differ with each version of the OS.
For username I used in all examples: Tricky.
All files BallPlay Genius produces are cross-platform. So if you (for example) copy a user account from Windows to MacOS it will work properly.
Used OS: Windows Vista
Public users: Unavailable
Private users: C:\Users\Tricky\Documents\BallPlay_Genius\Users
Temp doc dir: C:\users\Tricky\documents\BallPlay_Genius\Documentation
Used OSes: Tiger, Leopard & Snow Leopard
Public users: /Users/Shared/BallPlay_Genius/Users
Private users: /Users/Tricky/Documents/BallPlay_Genius/Users
Temp doc dir: /Users/Tricky/Documents/BallPlay_Genius/Documentation
Used OS: Will be tested later
Public users: Not available
Private users: /home/Tricky/Documents/BallPlay_Genius/Users
Temp doc dir: /home/Tricky/Documents/BallPlay_Genius/Documentation